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All you want to know about Quarizmi

The Company

Quarizmi is where two worlds meet: online marketing and automation. Through this dual identity, we are reinventing the way to design, launch and manage AdWords campaigns.

A few years ago, Quarizmi’s CEO, Enrique Aguilera was having big troubles spending his AdWords budget each month in his previous company. He hired the best agencies in the world, but the results were far from promising and he was not able to spend his monthly budget. Talking to colleagues in different businesses he realized that his problem was a universal problem and started thinking of a solution.

Online Marketers had to be able to spend their budget, meet their every day more demanding business objectives and dedicate no time or resources to the campaigns generation.

The idea of Quarizmi was born.

Quarizmi is the result of an entrepreneurial adventure between Enrique Aguilera and Ana Etxebarria, two entrepreneurs with complementary backgrounds and expertise in digital technology and Online Marketing.

Since December 2014 Quarizmi has been developing its own technology, always focused on keeping tight to our original premises, bringing technology and innovation to the Online Marketing world.

Our entrepreneurial spirit

With Quarizmi, today’s Online Marketers enjoy an easy, unattended, user-focused AdWords experience. This experience is made possible because we continually seek to innovate and play a leading role in the technological environment.

Our ambition is to revolutionize the way Online Adwords Campaigns are perceived, managed and done.

The spirit of Quarizmi also involves a strong commitment to an ambitious job-creation policy. Our development is based on a remote corporate culture that promotes the development and encouragement of our employees. More than 80% of our team is under the age of 35.

"a brain and a light bulb"

Our Positioning

The offering is focused on Quarizimi’s core target: the online marketers. Aged between 29 and 49, this is an active, under-pressure person looking to meet the company goals for himself and for his team.

Quarizmi is dedicated to the generation of 100% automated Google AdWords campaigns with no intervention from the Customer at all.

Dozens of national and international companies put their trust on us since 2014


Our Strategy

Quarizmis strategy is based on three growth drivers:

No Customer intervention

Developing a product that will help Online Marketers meet their goals without being time-consuming. No training, dedicated resources or technical support is needed because Quarizmi takes care of everything.

Automated Campaigns

All campaigns are 100% automatically generated; from the keyword discovery to the real-time bidding and ad copying.

Pricing based on performance

Our compromise is so clear that we will only charge you based on the benefits we have generated for you.

Quarizmi is the best way to generate traffic, grow your Google AdWords campaigns and save you time.