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The Management Team

Just a few of the team members who rely on the entire team.

"Enrique Aguilera CEO at Quarizmi AdTech"

Enrique Aguilera

CEO and Co-founder

Enrique fell in love with the Internet 25 years ago. It was the times where no Google¬†existed. The future was to be built, the opportunities to be met, everything to be invented yet. And so Enrique started inventing… ADmazing Inc. (Amazing Advertising), was his first project. The next one was the search engine OZU! And now, all his passion is focused on making of Quarizmi AdTech something really big. Though the challenge is huge, he is willing to take it.

"Ana Etxebarria COO at Quarizmi AdTech"

Ana Etxebarria

COO and Co-founder

Ana’s priority is the Customer experience, which she understands must start from within. She believes the power of the word-of-mouth to be the most potent marketing force to grow and retain Customers. She believes that Customers who are excited about their experience with a product will become preachers for the company, and she believes that this group of “satisfied believers” are the ones who will spread the good name of the company everywhere.

"Jon Pey"

Jon Pey

Chief Data Scientist

Jon is the senior technical lead for the company. He is MSc in Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics and Ph.D. in Computational Biology. Jon loves solving real-world business problems, such as guessing user intent or the trends of a market. In addition, he enjoys developing cutting-edge algorithms and analytic solutions in the realm of Machine Learning and A.I. Last but not least, Jon loves sharing all his knowledge with his team and leading by example.