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"A word from the Quarizmi founders"
"THE FOUNDERS: Enrique Aguilera and Ana Etxebarria, co-founders of Quarizmi AdTech"

Entering Quarizmi means entering a technical world serving online marketing.

We have made technology disruption the key driver of our strategy to help us anticipate our Customers’ needs and offer them the best service in terms of quality and scalability.

Since its creation, Quarizmi has experienced rapid, self-financed, profitable growth.

Today, we are focused on attracting even more talent and customers to our company. We are devising our roll-out for the coming years by capitalizing on the strengths of our model and the quality of our teams.

Welcome to the world of Quarizmi!


Enrique Aguilera and Ana Etxebarria

Co-founders and CEO and COO of Quarizmi