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Our Values

Before we founded Quarizmi, we had a clear vision of what kind of company we wanted it to be; what it was going to stand for; what our values were and what our products would contribute to the world. We work hard every day to make these statements true reflections of what our company believes and our management and employees live by these ideals. We are the same people at work as we are at home.

This is not just technobabble; we are adamant on this point.

Quarizmi's Manifesto

#1 We put people first.

2# We speak clearly and openly.

3# We are happy people and want happy people around us. We express gratitude and cultivate optimism.

4# Customer Service is in our DNA.

5# We write ´Customer´ with a capital ´C´, and we believe that our Customers are the major factors in shaping our company strategy.

6# We select only people who are naturally friendly, helpful and people oriented and do not hesitate to provide great service with a smile.

7# We understand Customer Service as a philosophy to be embraced by every employee of our company.

8# We strive to take care of our Customers with the utmost integrity, respecting above all the companys reputation and advocating for our Customers best interests.

9# Our success is measured by the success of our Customers.

10# We believe that asking the right questions is more important than having all the answers.

What we know

 Our primary role is that of a coach and developer of people and our success as managers is measured by the success of our employees and partners.

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