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ADmazing Creative

ADmazing Creative

To create a superb AdWords campaign, it is not enough to have the best Keywords. The Keywords have to correlate with quality ads that draw users’ attention and generate clicks. If you have done it before, you know that it is not about creating just one advertisement, or two, or three…

Lots of ads with different combinations, headlines, texts, hooks and URLs related to relevant keywords, must be tested if you want your campaign to be a success. The effort is usually so big that once you have created a dozen ads, you never come back to revise them again, losing conversion opportunities each day.

Quarizmi does the ad creation for you. Once the goals have been set up, we generate relevant ads for each keyword combining thousands of titles, descriptions, and URLs in such a way that results can be seen from the first day. We guarantee lower CPCs, higher CTRs, and a bigger ROI.

Whenever new key terms are incorporated, ads are reviewed, eliminating those that do not work well or incorporating new concerning the new terms provide the expected results.

"number two admazing creative"

Quarizmi correlates large amounts of information generating relevant ads for each keyword and does it automatically, unattended and dynamic.