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Bid Optimization

Bid Optimization


Finding the adequate bidding strategy might be simple if the campaign contains a dozen terms. But when your campaigns have thousands of variables, the common thing is to switch the system to automatic mode to let the advertising engine choose the most appropriate strategy. However, although this behavior facilitates interaction with the system, it is often not the most suitable or the best appropriate to get the best results.

Quarizmi monitors dozens of indicators for each keyword so that our technology is able to correlate massive amounts of information and take decisions automatically adapting the bidding strategy when needed.

Using algorithms that learn and evolve every second, Quarizmi can deliver dynamic bidding strategies tailored to the keyword level, modifying those that change their status in almost real time and always getting lower CPCs without the customer having to do anything.

"number three bid optimization"

Quarizmi ensures a dynamic real-time monitoring of the bidding strategies always to find those that result in the lowest CPC, maximizing the CTRs and, therefore, the ROI of the campaign.