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Continuous Keyword Discovery

Continuous Keyword Discovery

The central aspect of every AdWords campaign is its keywords; it is where all begins, and, therefore, needs to be done well and continuously. It is not a one time job and is not an easy task to do either. The good news is that Quarizmi does it for you.

Google says that 15% of the search queries that happen every day had never happened before, that means that users change their search behavior continuously, so if we want to create successful campaigns, we need to change keywords continuously too.

Another important point we must not forget is that Google Adwords is an open marketplace, so the way competitors bid for keywords and the keywords they bid on also affect the performance of your own keywords. This means that it is not only about selecting the relevant keywords, but it is also about finding the ones that bring the right opportunity.

We are able to find tens of thousands of new keywords that are really relevant to your content and will bring you quality traffic.

"number one keyword discovery"

Quarizmi is able to predict CTR and ROI, so we only bid for keywords with great potential for success; concentrating on the Long Tail space, which offers lower CPCs and higher CTRs